Company Development

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    Set up as a small workshop HANGZHOU YEWLONG SANITARY WARE Co., Ltd for bathroom furniture and mirror
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    The name of company was changed to HANGZHOU YEWLONG INDUSTRY Co.,Ltd. At the same time, Yewlong improved its first factory with a manufacturing scale of 25,000 m2 to enlarge the business
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    ISO9001 Quality Management System certificate issued by CFL Certification Center
  • 2006
    Get a national AAA certificate
  • 2007
    Set up international company,HANGZHOU YEWLONG IMPORT & EXPORT Co., Ltd., In the same year, the export rate of products reached 80%, OEM & ODM business expanding fast.
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    Set up Marketing Department in SHENYANG with 5 new brand “Yidi”“Zhendi”“Yudi”“Diandi”“Yilang”to expand business in China.
  • 2012
    Certificate of Science and Technology Enterprise of Zhejiang Province
  • 2013-2016
    CE, ROSH, EMS and other certifications
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    20,000 square meters workshop started to be constructed during this 3 years.
  • 2017
    YEWLONG -The annual top ten bathroom cabinet brand in China
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    On the 20th anniversary of company's founding,YEWLONG built a comprehensive office building of 20,000 square meters to expand the showrooms and offices.
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    YEWLONG is recognized as a national high-tech enterprise
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    Let’s bring “ YEWLONG Furniture Culture”into our bathrooms